with Special Guest:  Bringing Home

Starts at 6pm

Nashville, Tennessee’s Christian/Pop Duo RENEE has something for their fans to hear. RENEE has just released their single “No Limit” that embodies positivity, hope, and inspiration. Having worked with multi Dove and Grammy-winning producer Tedd T., the duo is on the road to creating more music that allows them to connect with their audiences. 

The upbeat Christian/Pop dance song, “No Limit,” kicks off with melodious plucking of a bass guitar. Almost immediately afterward, the energy begins to escalate with the addition of percussion and striking vocals. During the verses of “No Limit,” the background is maintained at a melody of bass guitar and percussion, which directs attention to the powerful vocals. RENEE cranks it up a notch with their lively chorus. During the chorus, the instruments are joined by electronic sounds combined with vocal trills and counter melodies. Much like a typical electronic dance song, there are a few bars of electro music with a solid beat after the choruses build up to a drop. RENEE’s lyrics speak to the endless possibilities we have when God is on our side. They allow fans to relate by singing about feeling discouraged, only to remind their audience that there is no limit to what they can do.

Bringing Home
Thursday - Sept 14th - 6pm

    For years, Amber and Jared Russell wanted to start something bigger than themselves.  They wanted to bring a hope to a world that had none. 

            Based out of a little southern Illinois town of Norris City, Bringing Home was formed in late 2012.The music from Bringing Home speaks of God's forgiveness and his willingness to uplift you above all of your struggles.  " This world is in desperate need of a Savior  and a hope; that's what Bringing Home is all about", says lead singer, Jared Russell. 

           The purpose of the name, Bringing Home, is derived from Peter's words in I Peter,  calling us strangers or aliens to this land.  "Our eternal home is waiting for us and we are just passing though this world", says Amber.  Heaven is a place where we will never know pain again, the loss of a loved one, or the hurt of a broken heart.  It is a place that will forever contain hope and peace.  These are qualities that, unfortunately, our world lacks.  There is chaos on every corner and we weren't meant to live like this.  "We are here to bring hope through Christ to those who have none",  Amber goes on to say, "We are bringing the hope from our eternal home here to this world." 

           The powerful melodies and encouraging lyrics are what is at the heart of Bringing Home, but Jared also says, "the one thing we have to keep in our minds is that only through God can we reach those we intend to reach.  God can take what we have written and make it go so much further than we could ever take it.  It is only through Him that we are able to do this."

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