The Town & Country Days carnival - contracted by Egyptian Exposition of Marion, IL.  They have a wonderful selection of rides, games, cotton candy and everything else found at a carnival.  The carnival offers "armband night" every night of the festival this year.  It has seemed to be the most popular and kid's get to ride to their heart's content.  We guarantee your kids will love our carnival and have a blast each and every night.  The portable benches throughout the midway provide parents and grandparents a place to rest while watching the children ride.  With many more to come, Egyptian Expo is striving to make 2019 the best one yet! 

Carnival Schedule

Wednesday (9/18) - Opens at 6pm

  • armbands $20
  • Tickets $3 each

Thursday (9/19) - Opens at 6pm

  • armbands $20
  • Tickets $3 each

Friday (9/20) - Opens at 6pm

  • armbands $20
  • Tickets $3 each

Saturday (9/21) - Opens at 2pm 

  • $2.50 per ticket until 5pm and
  • $20.00 armband starting at 6pm


by Egyptian Exposition.

This is a new ride that was custom made in Europe and will be available this year at T & C Days.  Each compartment holds 4 people.  So grab some friends, take a ride, and enjoy the view from the top!  We can't wait to see this Ferris Wheel light up the midway at night.  Just one of the great rides offered this year.

This carousel seen below was custom built for Egyptian Expo!   All of the galloping horses are white with majestical painting and real brass poles.   It also has some playful clown scenery.  And no carousel would be complete without the traditional calliope music.  

The Hurricane pictured below is a huge thrill ride for teens and adults. The cars actually bounce up and down while spinning at a great height and super fast speed. The Hurricane will be offered at just one ticket per ride as well, as standard for our midway.   Armbands will gladly be accepted as well.

Plus all the other rides you've come to know and love.

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